Contractor Management

Comprehensive, Knowledgeable, Experienced Contractor Management

Misclassification risk shouldn’t keep you up at night.

Are you 100% sure that all your 1099s are truly 1099s? Even a bit of uncertainty might cost you in steep penalties and litigation as result of improper worker classification. Take the gamble out of engaging independent contractors and SOW consultants and rely on us to verify and manage them in accordance to the latest labor legislation. Our classification and engagement service is designed to protect our clients while ensuring you continue to have access to top talent in the marketplace.

Tips for implementing a successful Contingent Workforce Strategy

Fail-safe Accuracy

Staying on top of ever-changing employment laws is not your full-time job—it’s ours. We draw upon decades of expertise to meticulously assess each independent professional you bring on, ensuring that they meet classification requirements. Rest assured knowing that every one of our assessments that has ever been reviewed has withstood regulatory scrutiny.

End-to-end Management

Feel secure that from onboarding, on assignment, to offboarding, your independently-sourced workers don’t fall through the cracks. Our Life Cycle Management approach ensures that independent contractors, freelancers, and SOW professionals are processed, verified, documented, and managed quickly and efficiently, plus paid on their terms and on time.

Audit-proof Documentation

Gain peace of mind working with a partner that has a solid track record when it comes to regulatory inquiry. We meticulously collect, verify, and store all compliance and assignment related due diligence for each independent worker. Our exacting attention to record keeping is why we have never had an employee classification overturned, nor faced any actions by a regulatory agency.

Individualized Attention

Enjoy a flexible, customer-first approach to your Independent Contractor program, customized to the nuances of your company. You and the independent professionals working on your business can expect white glove service from your dedicated PrideOne Program Specialist—approachable, responsive, and on-the-ball.