How to Win the Candidate Experience

How to win the candidate experience

How to Win the Candidate Experience

In the staffing world, one of the most important groups of stakeholders is the contingent workers we employ. They’re the lifeblood to any provider, and yet, the employer/employee relationship has seemed to devolve into a largely transactional function. While many of our primary business functions (onboarding paperwork, processing payroll, administering benefits) are indeed transactional by nature, we believe that these processes deserve a much more personal touch.

Historically, most contingent workers only hear from their payroll provider twice- once when they begin their assignment, and again when it is completed. PrideOne contingent workers often have over 10 unique touchpoints with our team.

Personalized Communication is Key

We have multiple “check-in” calls throughout the contingent workers engagement to ensure their complete satisfaction with our service, and their overall experience working with the client. We also strive to avoid mass mailing our contingent workers, instead opting to directly call them to remind them of important milestones such as benefits enrollment and 401k eligibility.

Feedback Matters

To help ensure that issues and feedback aren’t slipping through the cracks, we also deploy multiple surveys throughout their engagement including satisfaction surveys, exit surveys, and links within every PrideOne employees email signature that allows for real-time feedback. This data is closely analyzed and reviewed by our leadership team. While we’re happy to say the vast majority of feedback we receive is positive, we’re also able to quickly respond to issues or concerns immediately. Timely resolutions often create an opportunity to turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Benefits Count

In 2017 PrideOne also introduced Perks at Work, a 3rd party portal that provides access to thousands of benefits and discounts on things like travel, fashion, and events. We continue to review and invest in new technologies and processes that will allow us to better connect with workers.

At PrideOne we strongly believe that keeping our contingent workers happy and engaged will allow them to focus on providing enormous value to our clients.

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james rowbothamJames Rowbotham
Program Manager, PrideOne

James Rowbotham is a Program Manager for one of PrideOne’s contingent labor programs, sitting onsite at a large financial services institution. He is responsible for the overall delivery of the engagement, including building relationships with stakeholders, development of documentation, delivery of metrics and reporting, process improvement, and driving program utilization across all client departments.