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Improved operational efficiency and business intelligence. Reduced cost and risk.


Your company relies on contingent and contract workers more than ever, and managing them and the multiple vendors who recruit them can become overwhelming. Labor laws. Markups. Rate cards. Payroll. Turnover. Worker performance. So many details and distractions. Let us customize a flexible MSP program that takes care of it all for you.

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Vendor Management

Get help identifying and managing sources for top quality contingent workers. We will vet and oversee your third-party suppliers, improving your recruiting capacity, worker administration, process visibility, and operational efficiency. As an extension of your HR and procurement teams, we handle the entire process—recruitment, assignment management, billing and payment, and offboarding.

Employer of Record

Happy, paid-on-time contingent employees are productive contributors to your business. Properly classified, accurately documented, credential-verified is important, too. You get it all when we take on the payroll, benefits, and compliance concerns as the “employer of record” for your contingent workers.

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Contractor Management

Avoid worker misclassification and costly penalties when we oversee your independent contractors, freelancers, and consultants throughout the contract lifecycle. This includes their categorization, risk management, documentation, and onboarding/offboarding—all with meticulous attention to ever changing regulations.


Streamline overall labor operations, improve workforce visibility, and proactively mitigate risk through a powerful SaaS workflow platform that helps you manage the full lifecycle of employees, contingent workers, and third-party suppliers.

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Tips for implementing a successful Contingent Workforce Strategy