The Evolution of Payrolling Service Provider to Strategic Workforce Partner

The Evolution Of Payrolling Service Provider To Strategic Workforce Partner

The Evolution of Payrolling Service Provider to Strategic Workforce Partner

The payrolling services industry has seen tremendous growth and evolution over the past twenty years. What started out as a low margin staffing business is now a thriving vertical of global professional service firms.


The days of being a reactive payrolling provider are over. Payrolling (Employer of Record) providers need to be viewed as strategic workforce partners who offer a full complement of services that address procurement, legal and talent acquisition goals. Consequently, suppliers need to be plugged into their client’s VMS, ATS and HRIS systems, career site, and social media outlets to maximize their value.

Payrolling should be one of the lowest cost avenues to safely and effectively on-board workers. As organizations begin to treat their non-employee workforce programs with more sophistication, many executives are putting processes in place to maximize the utilization of self sourced workers.

PrideOne has created a proven, robust offering focused on risk mitigation services, contractor engagement/satisfaction and innovative solutions that allow us to provide the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Some of PrideOne’s innovations include:

  • Contractor alumni program focused on re-engaging proven, high quality workers
  • Pay rate benchmarking ensuring workers are paid fair market value for their services
  • Self sourced applicant portal allowing firms to maximize their brand recognition and reduce the reliance on expensive, third party vendor candidates
  • Industry leading benefits such as medical, dental, vision, short term disability, matching 401(k)
  • Independent Contractor/1099 worker classification and risk mitigation practice
  • Full lifecycle co-op and intern program


Click here to speak to a PrideOne representative to learn more about our unique approach to payrolling services and how we can improve your program.

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