Welcome to the new PrideOne

Welcome to the New PrideOne

Welcome to the new PrideOne brand and website. Over the last few months, we have undergone a top-to-bottom redesign of our brand to reflect the growth of our organization and to provide more transparency to our workers, vendors, clients and future partners.

I’m excited to announce that our new website will feature an Insights section, which will be home to thought leadership published by our program managers and subject matter experts, along with trend analysis and resources that convey the inner workings of a successful MSP program.

On the new PrideOne website you will notice significant changes to the foundation as well as a sleek new finish and color scheme. The website loads faster and has more multimedia, new fonts, and a new navigation menu. Our leadership team is prominently featured throughout the website, thus allowing anyone to easily contact them with one click.

In addition, the website seamlessly integrates with our team’s personal LinkedIn profiles and the new PrideOne LinkedIn Company page. PrideOne’s LinkedIn Company page serves as a hub for our network and key stakeholders and will allow all followers to receive our thought leadership and important industry news. Please click here to view the LinkedIn page and click ‘Follow’ to subscribe to our news feed.

We would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think about the new PrideOne website by sending us a note at info (at) pride-one (dot) com.

Thanks and stay tuned for new and exciting insights and resources from our team at PrideOne.

Best regards,

Kate Goss
Managing Director, PrideOne