Staffing Suppliers are Friends ... Not Foes

Staffing Suppliers are Friends … Not Foes

We are currently experiencing a booming candidate market, and during times like these, good staffing partners can make or break a company’s hiring success. Staffing agencies are the boots on the ground, who can assess the market and extract top-tier candidates.

Unfortunately, some companies approach the agency/employer relationship in a combative manner, using and abusing them. Companies guilty of this often think they are saving money and/or protecting their organization, but in reality they are damaging their brands and potentially losing out on quality talent. At PrideOne, we place a tremendous emphasis on our relationships with staffing suppliers, and advise our clients to do the same.  Outlined below, are a few best practices we recommend to companies working with staffing suppliers:
Staffing Suppliers are Friends ... Not Foes
Like any relationship, the recruiter/client connection requires some TLC. If the parties are not getting what they need from the relationship, someone is going to walk away. In this competitive market, staffing agencies have the luxury of picking who they want to support. If your organization is not treating them fairly, they will find another that will.


james rowbothamJames Rowbotham
Program Manager, PrideOne

James Rowbotham is a Program Manager for one of PrideOne’s contingent labor programs, sitting onsite at a large financial services institution. He is responsible for the overall delivery of the engagement, including building relationships with stakeholders, development of documentation, delivery of metrics and reporting, process improvement, and driving program utilization across all client departments.