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What does it mean to be a W-2 employee of PrideOne?

PrideOne is a managed service provider, commonly referred to as an MSP.  As a form of “outsourced HR,” PrideOne helps companies streamline the sourcing and onboarding process for the temporary worker population of an organization. We also assist with worker’s payroll and timecard management.

Becoming a W-2 employee of PrideOne is a piece of cake. A dedicated program specialist will connect with you once we’re notified of a company’s intent to hire. This program specialist will oversee your entire onboarding process and explain to you that PrideOne will become your “employer of record” during the course of your assignment. This means PrideOne assumes the legal responsibility to pay you as our employee, even though you will be providing services to a different company. As with any employer, we will be the entity sending your W-2 form at the end of the year.

In addition to connecting with you to reinforce and clarify time entry guidance and payroll information, your specialist will give you the details and qualifications of our ACA compliant healthcare benefits. They will ensure all client requirements are met before your start date for a simple, stress-free onboarding process.

When your assignment comes to a close, we’ll be there to help you off-board and answer any questions you may have. As a W-2 employee of PrideOne, we’ll maintain a consistent and open dialogue with you to help you through your employment lifecycle, whenever you may need it.

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